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adidas superstar residence

Adidas 50th Anniversary Superstar Campaign Web Support

In support of the 50th anniversary of the superstar, adidas was planning an international campaign. In Russia, the campaign had its own adaptation. It was planned that a superstar residence would be built in Moscow, a unique creative platform in which representatives of street culture and influencers would be able to conduct various activities.

stage 01: Opencall

At the opencall stage, anyone interested was invited to become a co-author of the superstar residence by sending their ideas to the organizers.

History is the best rtb

to immerse the user in the right mood, he is shown the main milestones in the history of the model

superstar residence

let's move on to the main thing and explain: what is a superstar residence and who are its participants.

Stage 02: Grand opening

After the launch of the project, the site had to change its function: from a page focused on collecting leads, it had to turn into a media resource telling about events taking place on the basis of the superstar residence

hello covid

The start of the superstar residence project was planned in the spring of 2020. But at the same time, another global campaign began that canceled everything: the covid-19 pandemic


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lead designer
Ola Vosilisa
Maria Pichugina
Victor Filonenko