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media table for bodium fitness space

Development of an information system for registering guests and processing initial purchases used on an interactive panel.

01: Services

The services offered to guests are segmented into categories. For each category, the administrator can change the image, make a custom category name, and hide service names. This allows for greater flexibility in how the guest sees the services offered.

service list interface: main version

service list interface: alternative version

02: contracts

section on contracts. The guest can compare the main terms of various contracts and choose the one that suits him best.

List of contracts

Detailed description

03: order and search

two lists are formed in the order: contracts and services.

To quickly find a service by a fragment of the name, a search function is provided.

order UI

search UI

04: User registration and authorization

The first step for users attempting to register or authorize is to enter a phone number. If the number is verified, the user receives a verification code to the specified number. If the number is not in the system, they are offered to register.

step 1: Guest Name/Surname

step 2: Date of birth

step 3: email


Authorized user profile

05: Integrations with third-party services

in the process of development, a two-way data exchange with crm was realized so that all information about contracts, services and clients would be up-to-date at any moment.

A third-party service for guest verification via a verification code was also connected.

Data presentation is managed in a special admin panel that allows you to add consumer information: images, titles, descriptions, screensavers or change the order of services and categories.


Victor Filonenko
UI design
Julia Marew
ui design
Olen Vögne
Egor Kukobin
Aleksander Zelensky