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website of electrical power equipment manufacturer ensy

The main purpose of the site is to demonstrate the equipment, its characteristics and properties, as well as Ensy's service capabilities.

We wanted to create a website that would be noticeably different from all competitors in the energy equipment segment, emphasize the innovativeness and technology of the manufacturer, and help to distinguish the ensy brand from other market players. we did it

ENSY offers comprehensive solutions in the field of power automation for various industries: aviation, rail and road transport, specialized machinery.

The style of the site is based on the use of a strict grid, free space, informative renders and neutral light gray color - this is the shade in which most of the manufactured equipment is made.

The choice of such a style allows the company to stand out visibly against the background of competitors and emphasize its relevance and differentness.

Micro-animations in the interface. Sometimes where you don't expect them, for example, in the footer.

Catalog and product card

3d graphics was used to visualize ensy products. This allowed us to achieve a high level of detail of the objects, a uniform style, as well as to significantly reduce budgets compared to photography.

Learn more about 3D graphics development in the project renderings for

mobile catalog

mobile product card

The product card is assembled from the admin panel as a constructor. Paragraphs can be placed in any order and in any quantity depending on the requirements.

Among the types of paragraphs are:

  • Text,
  • several types of information cards with icon,
  • table,
  • image gallery with tooltips,
  • a separate image,
  • list of documents.

In addition to the catalog, the site contains information sections

  • About the company,
  • Useful information,
  • Documentation,
  • Contacts.

the header image shows the main types of vehicles for which ensy produces equipment.

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Victor Filonenko
Olen Vögne
Julia Marew
modeling, visualization
Anton Radchenko
Eldar Yanin
Marat Azizov