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about bubble double

bubble double is a digital production. we develop websites, interfaces and mobile applications and auxiliary materials for various industries: sales, financial sector, high-tech production, fashion, media, creative, fitness.
why bubble double?
we regularly improve our skills in the field of design, communications and development and introduce useful technologies.
we dive deeply into the industry of our clients in order to correctly evaluate the tasks set and offer fresh and working ideas
we focus on the practice of a flexible and honest approach to design.


bubble double offers
enterprise applications
promo sites and lendings
online sales
portfolio sites
mobile applications
non-standard web services
producing digital projects
and also
design support
3d development
fast branding
bots for Telegram, discord, vk


some we are especially proud of
philip morris
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you will be comfortable
everyone who works at bubble double is open in communication and does not hesitate to call a spade a spade.
we are able to discard everything superfluous, ask the right questions and focus on the main thing
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